Rewarding those
who reward others

Community Living Association

We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with the Community Living Association (CLA) who have been operating and providing services in Australia since 1987.

CLA manages a range of programs that provide support, create opportunities and promote independence for people with disability or the young at risk.  They work with families, people with mental health issues and with cognitive disabilities.

Inclusion can take many forms and include many pathways as there is no one-size-fits all approach. They are adaptive and developmental, but most of all they have a proven history and willingness to look at different options to best support, work with or sponsor, with several affiliated organisations and community projects underway at any one time. CLA believes that relationships are central to creating community inclusion and are therefore a key focus of their work.

Click the button below to read more about the various programs currently operated and supported by CLA.

Surf Life Saving Foundation

My Coffee Counts is proud to partner with the Surf Life Saving Foundation to support their vital community service. With a 187,000+ strong cohort of volunteer surf lifesavers, they are always there for your community. Trained in CPR, first aid and many in emergency response, Surf Life Saving volunteers provide untold benefits to communities in times of need.

Although best known for their beach patrol and aquatic rescue services on the Australian coast, surf lifesavers’ services and benefit to the community reaches far beyond the coast. In times of natural disaster such as bushfires or floods, surf lifesavers are called upon to support emergency services. In communities across the country, surf lifesavers are everyday people with a desire to give back, known to offer their vital first aid and CPR skills wherever the need arises – not just on the beach.

With My Coffee Counts, now is your chance to give back to the selfless volunteers who save thousands of lives every year in your community.

My Coffee Counts Supporting projects origin

Supporting projects from the point of origin

My Coffee Counts is engaging with a global network of impact providers dealing directly with coffee communities to provide fundamental services, by sponsoring community projects and their families across several countries in the developing world.

Through this engagement, we are effectively empowering communities to learn, engage and become independent. Whilst ensuring the cycle of poverty does not transcend generations but offer real direction and purpose.

The delivering and support of these programs goes a long way to reducing world poverty by offering people in developing countries reliable access to financial and social support, that has proven to be an effective tool to which millions of people in developing countries depend on to grow a business or just stay afloat in hard times. It’s clear that this sense of connection between all participants binds us all to specific outcomes with a continuing commitment ensures long term outcomes can be achieved.

We are going one step further and framing it around the village community, so the impact reaches throughout and touches every member of a family. To ensure the right fundamentals for sustainability remain in place, the focus is not on economic return. This may include non-financial services centred around education, for both adults and children with business studies an important component, ensuring successful long-term outcomes.

Help us to help local communities. Go to the App Stores and search for “My Coffee Counts” and join in today!