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Comparison Chart

FREE COFFEES 1 IN 10 65% of Customers elect to TAKE a Free Coffee
EXTRA COFFEE SALES 0 35% of Customers elect to DONATE the Free Coffee
PRE-ORDER FEES 10-30% of Gross Order Value 2.5% + 30c (Preorder In-App Fee)

Changing the Loyalty Rewards / Order-Pay-Go game

Today, cafés use phone, email & menu boards and for good reason. They are simple, cheap and do an effective job of telling customers what they need to know.

But in an era of digital convenience, not being able to quickly update and engage can bring an unnecessary amount of hassle into the already challenging job of managing a hospitality business.

Especially when it comes to pricing. Unexpected changes in supply, fluctuations in costs, competition, consumer demand, even the time of day can affect the price of menu items. And for every change made to an item, price or picture, everything needs updating. That might not be a problem for some smaller operators, but it can be costly and time consuming for multi store outlets.

Fortunately, there’s now a cost-effective solution…

The Consumer Mobile App is dynamic and operating in real-time, so customers and shop owners are in sync. The My Coffee Counts App delivers you a unique loyalty reward QR code, registered to you and your mobile. With it, customers can access any shop menu listed in MyCC, for take away or at table service. Menu items such as morning or lunch specials can be made available or changed instantly to meet market demand. Shop owners get remote access through the MyCC Cloud Admin, so availability of morning or lunch time specials, all day menu items and prices are managed and seen by customers instantly.

The Shop App is designed to help shop owners in 2 main areas;

  1. Manage all pre-paid orders placed via the Customer Mobile App quickly and easily, helping reduce queues.
  2. Carry out Loyalty Reward allocations for any in-store POS system purchases.

The Cloud Admin completes the MyCC solution. This gives the ability in some cases to link and operate as a remote POS system via the MyCC App. This ensures the pricing displayed on the MyCC App is correct and all the appropriate menu and product items are available. Changes to the menu can be simple, quick, and always precise and always delivered in real-time by the shop owners themselves. Minimising duplication of content and exciting new features like automated switching from breakfast to lunch menus which are aligned with the shops operating time frames. My Coffee Counts makes it easy to manage.

Help us to help local communities. Go to the App Stores and search for “My Coffee Counts” and join in today!