The impact on origin:

The coffee industry and consumers can have a huge positive impact on developing countries. It is the industries responsibility to pay a fair price for green coffee and for the consumer to respect this and pay a reasonable price for the quality we receive.

Doing so will improve the quality of life for people living in coffee-producing regions. Children will have schools to go to, families will be able to afford a roof over their head, clean water, and enough food to eat.

So, as coffee drinkers we are reaching out to every coffee drinker to think about how much they pay for a cup of coffee, and what it is worth to you, then consider what it is worth to them. Consider donating that value, it seems like such a small amount that it wouldn’t make a difference. But if we all take on the responsibility of giving, then the collective response over a whole year can achieve great results and when you consider the impact it has on those involved at origin, it seems like a worthwhile way to invest the money.

It is why we are supporting trade and industry partners by providing a portion of the funds raised through donations received via the MY COFFEE COUNTS program to aid industry initiatives and their communities in such a vital way.

Help us to help local communities. Go to the App Stores and search for “My Coffee Counts” and join in today!