Trilogy Funds

Trilogy Funds has been a proud supporter of My Coffee Counts since its inception. They support My Coffee Counts’ commitment to making a positive difference for the charities and people who benefit from the programs those charities run.

Trilogy Funds’ stated purpose of ‘delivering better’ aligns closely with My Coffee Counts’ aim to provide a better way for managing coffee loyalty programs and making ‘free’ coffee an agent for change.

Operating for more than 24 years, Trilogy Funds is one of Australia’s leading providers of property-based investment trusts, financing solutions and property management for Australia’s property sector. Their investment options all share the common goal of providing income-focused solutions designed to help investors achieve their financial goals, and their financing solutions have enabled the successful completion of hundreds of residential, industrial and commercial property projects across Australia.

Commercial Kitchen Company

Commercial Kitchen Company, known as “Everything Hospitality,” stands as a proud Australian-owned and operated entity. They excel as a leading supplier of premium commercial kitchen equipment and catering supplies. Specializing in innovative kitchen design and fit-out solutions, CKC is at the forefront of creating and refurbishing dynamic kitchens within the hospitality industry. Their commitment to delivering superior customer service and quality products spans all budget ranges.

With showrooms in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, CKC offers a hands-on experience for hospitality operators. These showrooms provide live demonstrations of the latest commercial cooking equipment, allowing operators to witness the benefits firsthand. The dedicated CKC team collaborates with clients, chefs, and tradespeople to design functional and efficient kitchens that consider future business growth and budgetary requirements.


Discover Felix (ASX:FLX), a cloud-based procurement platform aligning with My Coffee Counts on the values of efficiency, risk management, and sustainability. Transforming the engagement with third-party vendors, Felix centralizes processes, elevates productivity, reduces costs, and enhances environmental responsibility. Explore how Felix can elevate your procurement experience today.


Discover eftsure, a valuable ally in our shared commitment to integrity and security. Their Know Your Payee solution ensures real-time alerts, preventing erroneous payments and fraud. Aligning with My Coffee Counts values, eftsure verifies supplier data and streamlines onboarding, empowering you to protect against fraud, errors, and non-compliance. Trust eftsure for unparalleled insights and enhanced security in your payment processes.

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