MyCC Loyalty

My Coffee Counts Loyalty

Loyalty programs are an integral part of fostering repeat business and rewarding loyal customers.

With My Coffee Counts’ Loyalty program, businesses can not only incentivize customer loyalty but also make a positive impact on the world by donating a portion of their rewards to charity.

Whether customers choose to redeem their rewards or donate them, businesses can save money and contribute to charitable causes through our innovative Loyalty program.

Consumer App

Each customer is provided with a unique QR code, allowing them to conveniently access and track their loyalty rewards from one centralized location.

For customers who frequent multiple cafes, their loyalty points are accumulated in one app, making it easy to track and redeem rewards across different locations.

How Loyalty Works

Merchants have full control over their loyalty program settings.

They can set the number of purchases required to reach a loyalty reward or donation threshold, specify the amount to be donated with each transaction, and choose whether to offer a free product upon reaching the loyalty threshold.

My Coffee Counts Loyalty
My Coffee Counts Loyalty (Donate Only)

Donate Only

With MyCC Loyalty, businesses can automate donations to their chosen charity when customers reach the loyalty threshold.

MyCC ensures seamless processing of donations and provides merchants with 100% tax-deductible gift receipts from the charity at the end of each financial year.

Take or Donate

Upon reaching the loyalty threshold, customers are presented with a simple choice: take their free coffee or elect to donate its value to charity.

This flexible approach allows customers to be a part of your contribution to charitable causes or enjoy their rewards. 

A customer choice to give up their reward makes the donation process cashflow-neutral or even positive for businesses.

 POS Integration

My Coffee Counts’ Loyalty program seamlessly integrates with the My Coffee Counts Point of Sale (POS) system, eliminating the need for third-party app integrations or additional fees.

Everything is managed within one unified system, streamlining operations, and reducing costs for businesses.

Save Money

By eliminating the need for physical loyalty cards, stamping systems, or subscription fees for loyalty software, My Coffee Counts Loyalty helps businesses save money.

These savings can then be allocated to charitable donations, enabling businesses to support their chosen charities while fostering customer loyalty.

The Loyalty Foundation

My Coffee Counts’ is partnered with the head charity – The Loyalty Foundation – who facilitates the efficient distribution of funds raised through the Loyalty program to community charities across Australia.

By streamlining the donation & compliance process, The Loyalty Foundation ensures that charities can maximize their impact and achieve their missions effectively.

Join the My Coffee Counts Ecosystem today and discover the power of combining business success with social impact. Together, we can make a difference in our communities while driving success for your business.

Ready to save money and do some good in the world?

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