About Us

We're making a difference

My Coffee Counts (MyCC) was created by its partners with a love of coffee, deep roots in the community and a combined experience of over a hundred years in business, software development, project management and finance.

We recognised that while the technology to offer the right kind of transaction and management assistance is available, existing big providers make it prohibitively expensive to access.

MyCC sees the phenomenon of the ‘loyalty card free coffee’, often relying on outdated ‘punch cards’, could be repurposed to provide tremendous benefit to community charities and be replaced by an App-driven customer experience.

We deliberately selected an established charity partner with a network of associated, grass roots community groups to benefit from this endeavour. These are charities focused on local people and local issues, charities who don’t have big marketing budgets and resources, often achieving significant local impact in spite of limited resources.

This is where a simple ‘free’ coffee becomes an agent for change… and why My Coffee Counts.

The following video is an example of a Community Living Association supported program for social enterprise.

Help us to help local communities. Go to the App Stores and search for “My Coffee Counts” and join in today!