My Coffee Counts

‘Rewarding those who reward others’

A new way for coffee shops and their customers to connect with each other and support local community charity.


Turn your ‘FREE’ loyalty reward coffees into valuable donations


A ‘FREE’ contactless app-based loyalty system


No more paper cards,
it’s digitised.

Full Digital Rewards / Loyalty System

No more forgotten or lost cards. No more time wasted paper-punching. Streamline contact for both parties.

Unique Charity Opportunity

A free coffee is a nice surprise for customers, but does it generate loyalty? MyCC can help turn freebies into valued charitable acts.

Integrated Payments

Card and vendor surcharges can make tracking revenue a nightmare for cafes, scrambling around for debit and loyalty cards is a pain for customers. MyCC provides a one touch solution for each party.

My Coffee Counts - Loyalty Rewards App

Customiseable Menus

Extending purchases from coffee to food is a great source of growth for coffee shops, knowing fresh options and specials before joining the line is a benefit for customers.

Easy To Use

Apps are the new normal, especially since ‘COVID’. Using a familiar interface and universal functions, the MyCC App will become a new favourite on your customers smartphone home screen.

Easy Self Install

The ease of your app store or a simple website download, no specialist hardware or instruction required. Where and when you input your details is up to you.

Loyalty card icon

MyCC for Customers

Never carry a reward card or loyalty card again. With the My Coffee Counts App, you can have all your loyalty rewards in one place.

Laptop with Coffee Icon

MyCC for Coffee Shops

• Understand your customer usage • No cost to your business • Easy to setup and manage

Hand and Heart Icon

Make It Count!

Donations are supporting projects across a diverse range of services with support mechanisms and opportunities in local communities.

Everyone's a winner with My Coffee Counts.

My Coffee Counts QR Download link for Apple and Android

Help us to help local communities. Go to the App Stores and search for “My Coffee Counts” and join in today!