From making coffee to making a difference.

Turn loyalty into Donations

Take or Donate: When a customer reaches your set loyalty threshold, they are asked a simple question. Would you like to

Take a free coffee or;

Would you like us (the business) to donate the value to charity.

Donate Only: Set an automatic donation to charity based on your customer purchasing a set number of products.

Saves You Money

No More Printing

No more forgotten or lost cards.

No more loyalty fraud.


Reduce your environmental impact by cutting down on printing.

Transforming your loyalty program, or your customers’ loyal behaviour into donations, enhances the economic sustainability of your chosen charity.

Being a force for good not only benefits the community, but also helps your business save money, contributing to your own economic sustainability.


Integrated Payments

Low transaction fees, with a portion always going to charity.

Customisable Menus


Free to download and use

Easy Self Install

MyCC and our charity partner’s can help setup your menu’s

The Technical Stuff

Tier-1 Level Security with our Payment Gateway Provider.

Admin managed in the cloud using a web browser

A Local Support Team for help when you need it

Ready to save money and do some good in the world?

Download the app now.

Ready to Get Started?


Download the Shop App Here

(Compatible with tablets only)

Click ‘Download’ and follow the straightforward sign-up process. It should take about 5 minutes for the loyalty-only setup. If you’d like to use PreOrder, you can either set up your own menus or let us do it for you.


Turn On Your Store

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, it’s time to turn your store on and start enjoying the benefits.


Change Management Strategy

  • Now, here’s a smart change management strategy that won’t disrupt your workflow during service. When a customer is making an order and getting ready to pay, take that opportunity to let them know about the exciting transition to the My Coffee Counts app.
  • You’ll find a handy sticker on the top of your coffee cup lids that prompts customers to download the app.


Customer Transition

The next day, you can smoothly transition your existing customers to the My Coffee Counts app. Here’s how:

  • Add 5 cups to their loyalty status on the scanning tablet.
  • Scan their unique QR code.
  • Voilà! They’re now a part of MyCC.