EFTPOS Partnership  between My Coffee Counts <> purposePOS <> Tryo Payments

No more POS software costs.

1.55% Inc GST* transaction fees, which can be surcharged or not.

A portion of every transaction goes to charity.

$29 Inc GST / month Terminal Rental (can be surcharged).

Terminal Request From


Why My Coffee Counts & purposePOS?

Our mission is twofold: to save businesses money and to support Australian community charities sustainably.

By providing businesses with a unique software solution, we empower them to contribute to charitable causes without compromising their bottom line. Through our platform, charities gain access to a steady and ongoing source of donations, fostering positive change in our communities

What is My Coffee Counts

At My Coffee Counts, we are more than just a software solution. We are a passionate team of experts hailing from diverse backgrounds in technology, hospitality, and finance. Together, we have united under a common goal: to reimagine Australia’s charity funding model for the better.


Which charities do you support?

Venues can nominate their charity of choice to the head charity – The Loyalty Foundation – whose independent board vets and approves new charity partners, or they can support any of our existing charity partners, including Surf Life Saving Foundation, Community Living Association.

Who is The Loyalty Foundation (TLF)?

The 2019 Australian bush fire relief appeals went viral and global.   Huge amounts of money streamed into small charities, and unfortunately, some funds we trapped inside of great causes, but with surplus donations that couldn’t be sent to other charities with different services that were underfunded.  This meant many recipients in need of that funding missed out. 

So, The Loyalty Foundation was founded to solve the problem of how to get donations to charities nationwide and as nominated or needed. 

How do I nominate my favourite charity?

Venues can go to The Loyalty Foundation (TLF) website and complete the nomination form.   The My Coffee Counts team will reach out and start the process of preparing the Charites accreditation nomination paperwork for the TLF board to review, approval and setup into the MyCC system.

How do charities sign up?

Charities can head over to The Loyalty Foundation (TLF) website and complete the nomination form or reach out directly to the My Coffee Counts team @ [email protected] or 1300 225 767

Point of Sale (POS)

Built-in: Order Management, PreOrder, and Loyalty

Low Transaction Fees & a portion of all transaction fees donated to charity.


Take or Donate: Turn free loyalty products into donations

Donate Only: Your customers’ loyalty translates into charitable donations from your business.


PreOrder: Order on the go and pick up.

Order@Table: Order in store, from your seat.

Supporting Charities

The Loyalty Foundation
Surf Life Saving Foundation
Community Living Association
Your nominated local Charity

My Coffee Counts <> purposePOS <> Tryo Payments Terminal Partnership Rates

My Coffee Counts software is free of SaaS fees when paired with our Tyro Payment Partner Terminal with a low rate of 1.55% Inc GST*, which can be surcharged or not, and a portion of every transaction goes to charity.

*Does not cover: terminal rental fees; any optional accessories that you purchase from Tyro; if you accept American Express / International Cards through your Tyro EFTPOS facility. Rates for these card types are set out below.

Terminal Rental is $29 (incl GST). Rental fee applies to new Tyro customers but may be different for existing customers and referred partners. Confirmed pricing once Tyro Account is approved. 

Terminal Rental Fees can be surcharged.

Detailed Card rates

Card TypeRate
Visa/Mastercard Domestic Consumer Credit Card1.55% inc GST
Visa/Mastercard Domestic Premium & Commercial Card1.55% inc GST
Visa/Mastercard International Card3.25% inc GST
Union Pay1.65% inc GST
Tap And Save1.55% inc GST
Amex – Domestic (if on OptBlue)1.55% inc GST
Amex – International (if on OptBlue)3.25% inc GST


Tyro’s Pay@Table and SplitBills features are only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. SplitBills is only available with Tyro’s Pay@Table feature.

Dynamic Surcharging

Dynamic Surcharging is available for Mastercard, Visa, eftpos, UnionPay, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club on CounterTop, Mobile and Tyro Pro EFTPOS machines, and excludes eCommerce transactions. The Dynamic Surcharging feature is not available to customers on No Cost EFTPOS pricing. By default, we do not include your EFTPOS machine rental costs into the calculation of your cost of acceptance, however you may choose to apply these costs into your calculation of your cost of acceptance via the Tyro Portal subject to the surcharging rules as set by the RBA and enforced by ACCC.


Tyro Payments Limited ACN 103 575 042 AFSL 471951 is the issuer of its own financial products. As Tyro does not take into account your personal circumstances, please consider if these products are suitable for you. You can contact Tyro on 02 8907 1700 or tyro.com and access Tyro’s dispute resolution process at tyro.com/contact/feedback.